In times of a cautious metal market and consequently declining investment in mineral exploration, like the one during recent 5 years, it happens that,
– junior miners and/or exploration/prospecting companies have no financial capacity and ability to get bank loans or failed support level from the stock market
– major miners spend a limited amount of their production earnings to in-mine and/or near-mine brownfield exploration.
– A strong greenfield exploration program is central to the long-term growth of the industry, as this is the only way of delivering the next major new mining camp. It is the best solution is to find new, high-quality deposits.
-Genuine greenfield discovery focused on high-quality targets remains the best long-term option to grow a company.
-Exploration success is not measured simply in terms of the number of deposits found, but rather the number of high-quality mines built.
In such times, National Geological Surveys should ensure a strategy for long-term sustainable greenfield exploration in order to secure future mineral resources supplies uninterruptible.

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