Targeted thematic fields of European Innovation Partnerships on Raw Materials

Developing new innovative technologies and solutions for sustainable raw materials supply. Innovative technologies along the entire value chain for cost effective, safe and environmentally and socially sound raw materials exploration, extraction (including mining), processing, recovering and recycling of primary and secondary raw materials, e.g. from mining waste.
Developing new innovative technologies and solutions for the substitution of critical materials. Achieving solutions to reduce the use of or finding substitutes of critical, scare or hazardous materials.
Improving Europe’s raw materials knowledge and infrastructure base. Building an innovative knowledge base of European resources, including exploration of primary and secondary raw materials (on land and in the marine environment) and estimations of the resource including urban mines.
Improving the regulatory framework via promotion of excellence and promoting recycling through public procurement and private initiatives. Streamlining the non-technological driven aspects of resource efficiency along the entire value chain, including materials flows, collecting, sorting and re-delivering raw materials to increase the recycling and by-product rate of raw materials also while in trace amounts and boost the overall recycling rate.
International cooperation. Dealing with horizontal aspects with regards to the international dimension and regulatory frame work of all four WP mentioned, including cooperative efforts in research, trade, environmental and development aspects

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